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Madrid at night
Although Spain remains on lenders’ radar, many are taking stock until post-coronavirus conditions become clearer.
The chief executive of the Spanish real estate investment company discusses raising capital in the bond markets.
Lenders have growing appetite to back Spanish housing schemes as the sector experiences a robust recovery from the last banking crisis.
Barcelona’s office sector could be hit if Catalonia’s push for secession continues.
Spain’s ‘bad bank’ is selling a pool of non-performing residential loans with a face value of around €400 million in a pilot scheme.
Germany’s Deutsche Hypothekenbank (Deutsche Hypo) is preparing to resume lending in Spain, a market it pulled back from in 2013.
Sales at Banco Popular and BBVA, however, are a substantial chapter in the country’s broken debt clean-up story, writes Juan Barba, managing director at Meridia Capital.
The New York-based firm will finance the deal mostly through debt as it uses equity from its €7.8 billion Europe V fund.
Bain Capital Credit has taken its first step into the Portuguese market with the acquisition of real estate loans that have a total outstanding balance of €476 million from a local bank, as well as loans from a Spanish bank at a par value of €489 million.

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