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Sentiment index score for overall market conditions goes into positive territory for first time since Q1 2022.
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The industry is responding to central bank signs that there may not be many more interest rate hikes, says David Dahan of CREFC Europe.
The rating agency said borrowers with looming bond maturities will need to raise capital from asset sales.
The investment manager believes the impact on returns of energy-efficiency upgrades will be more ‘manageable’ than previously feared.
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Digital property finance platform Finloop believes rising interests rates in the UK and continental Europe are to blame.
Nordic Capital buyout fund
CREFC's third-quarter survey reflects fears that interest rates will stay higher for longer.
Managers in the latest Debt Fund 30 ranking collectively recorded a slight decrease in European lending volume year-on-year.
The volume of capital in the annual ranking has grown, despite managers facing a more difficult job to win commitments.
Welcome to Real Estate Capital Europe’s listing of the 30 managers ranked as the biggest debt fundraisers on the continent.
The 30 biggest fundraisers in Europe’s real estate lending market revealed.

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