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The listed company, which owns UK assets including popular theme parks, addressed near-term maturities in a bumper refinancing.
The sector is vulnerable to rising interest rates due to low debt yields and cashflow constraints, says the credit rating agency.
Spain hotel
The US manager has sourced debt including €310m of mezzanine for 15 hotels.
The US manager says it is on track to meet repayments, despite rating agency warnings about the impact of market conditions. 
Frankfurt am Main Skyline, Germany
The firm will aim to raise €250m for the vehicle, Albulus Credit II, with a focus on refinancing maturing loans in Germany and Austria.
Two of the biggest names in private real estate were engaged in conversations with their lenders about loans that are now due.
bridging the gap
In an update to its refinancing shortfall analysis, the manager warns the potential gap is far larger than originally anticipated.
Trimont’s Michael Delaney says lenders should focus on loan events, cashflow and covenants to mitigate current risks. 
Stop watch countdown timer
A debt funding gap looms across Europe’s property markets. Yet banks and debt funds are well capitalised. Will their funding end up where it is most needed?
The newly branded Niam Credit plans to expand into mezzanine finance in preparation for widespread refinancing challenges in the region.

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