June 2013 Issue

    Month: June
    Year: 2013

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    Property borrowers go West for the funding banks shun

    WEST ONE LOANS In the second in a series on specialist lenders, Doug Morrison profiles a leading bridging provider

    New players help pull margins down as lending ranks swell

    REAL ESTATE LENDING Banks hike property lending targets as new providers intensify competition, reports Jane Roberts

    New loan programme sees Aalto get Intu financing role

    SPECIAL REPORT Role in Adelphi and Intu loan deals heralds newcomers’ senior debt push, reports Jane Roberts

    Pricoa adopts a mid-Atlantic accent for European dealings

    SPECIAL REPORT Insurer offers US-style loans in Continental property lending campaign, reports Alex Catalano

    Lloyds hungry for £6bn slice of bigger property lending pie

    REAL ESTATE LENDING Bank ramps up property lending target for 2013, as lenders’ appetites grow, reports Jane Roberts

    Packed field crowds German banks out of UK comfort zone

    REAL ESTATE LENDING German lenders may have to move up risk curve to sustain business in UK, reports Alex Catalano

    Debt vehicles take slow drive into Euro property financing

    Funds start targeting harder-to-enter French and German senior debt market, writes Lauren Parr

    LGP steps back to let investors take industrial fund forwards

    IPIF EXTENSION Manager put investor committee in driving seat to negotiate IPIF’s extension, writes Jane Roberts

    LGP’s IPIF captures Falcon as investors drive extension

    Merger with rival Falcon Property Trust follows seven-year extension for Industrial Property Investment Fund, in process driven by investor group

    Project Regent is next on the block as fund unit sales rise

    European pension fund lines up sale of €100m-plus fund-unit portfolio

    Hatfield Philips embroiled in Windermere resignation row

    Special servicer neither terminated nor resigns from Windermere duties

    Gagfah pulls off €2bn CMBS in biggest post-crash issue

    Larger-than-expected deal refinances German multi-family resi assets


    Latest moves

    Wave of loans shows banks’ backing for regional projects

    Banks fund development and asset management in Midlands and North

    US insurers aid Workspace refinancing

    Non-bank lenders play big role in £410m, unsecured refinancing for UK business space provider

    German property giant takes big step into the UK regions

    PATRIZIA Having bolted on a UK, French and Irish arm with its acquisition of Tamar, Germany’s Patrizia is blazing a trail beyond safe London assets into regional UK investment, reports Doug Morrison