Small Ticket Lending Report 2022

Publishing date: 1 December 2022

The small ticket lending special report will be published in print and online as part of REC Europe’s Autumn issue

Alongside a series of interviews and data analysis, the report will feature an A-Z directory of those lenders active in Europe’s smaller loan market.

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Over the last decade, a range of organisations have set up shop to provide real estate loans of a size that typically falls below the radar of traditional bank lenders, insurance companies and institutional debt fund managers.

If Europe’s ‘mid-market’ for real estate loans begins around the €25 million mark, the small ticket market is everything below that. Indeed, some of these lenders thrive on writing loans of just a few million pounds or euros, and smaller in some cases.

Those with a focus on smaller ticket real estate loans aim to do business in parts of the market that are perceived to be underserved by the larger, more established lenders. Many serve smaller scale borrowers.

Some are known as specialist lenders – boutique firms that focus on niches such as development finance or bridge loans. Some are fintech firms, which raise capital through online platforms. Some are challenger banks; relatively small retail banks that were set up to compete with long-established giants.


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