REC Europe’s essential loans database has been revamped

Our Lending Data database, which comprises European real estate debt deals and is updated each Monday, has been relaunched in an improved format.

Real Estate Capital Europe’s database of European property debt deals has become an essential source of weekly information for real estate credit professionals, in part of the property industry that lacks readily available data.

Since 2016, our editorial team has collected the real estate lending deals we see in the European market. The database is updated and republished each Monday morning.

Now, it has been relaunched in a new and improved format. Subscribers can access the Lending Data database by CLICKING HERE and then clicking on the link in the story.

A few key changes have been made to make Lending Data more useful:

  • UK and Continental European loans, previously on separate sheets, are combined to create a single, Europe-wide, database, with currency specified for each loan.
  • Fields have been added to the database to provide clearer guidance on the main features of individual loans, and to enable users to filter the database across a range of criteria, including by lender, borrower and type of loan.
  • Location-specific fields for loan collateral, including city/region and country, have been added to enable users to search for deals in a specific city, region, or jurisdiction.
  • A sector field has been added, enabling users to filter deals by property type, for those interested to learn about lending in a particular part of the market.
  • The estimated maturity of a loan is identified, where possible, allowing users to search the database for loans due to mature in a given month or year.
  • Fields to identify the debt advisers and lawyers that have worked on a deal have been added. If your organisation advised on a deal and has not been credited, we would like to hear from you.

Loans from the beginning of 2021 have been reformatted. But don’t worry – the data from 2016 to the end of 2020 is still available in its original format and can be accessed via the tabs, for UK deals and Continental European deals, at the bottom of the file.

We are constantly working to improve our database and make it a more comprehensive record of Europe’s real estate debt transactions. If you have any suggestions for how we can make Lending Data a more efficient tool, contact Daniel Cunningham, editor of Real Estate Capital Europe, at

Also, we want to hear about your deals. If you have completed a transaction and would like it to be included in our database, please contact with the details.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new and improved Lending Data database.