REC Awards 2018: Let us know your milestones

Help the Real Estate Capital team select which firms will appear on our shortlists for the most prestigious and comprehensive awards in the European real estate finance industry.

The REC Awards are back, and the Real Estate Capital editorial team needs your help. We are compiling shortlists for the fifth edition of our annual awards and we want to hear which real estate debt players you think stood out in 2018.

Our illustrious awards are totally independent – with no sponsorship or panel of judges, the industry decides the winner in each category.

Competition to find the right deals at this late-stage of the investment cycle is fiercer than ever. Against this backdrop, which are the organisations, and the deals, that stood out over the course of the year? And which debt funds deserve recognition amid today’s huge firepower in the private debt space? It is worth noting that, for the first time, we are including a category to acknowledge key lenders offering sustainable finance across Europe.

This year, 22 categories are up for grabs, each covering Europe, including nine country- and region-specific awards. In the process to determine impartial shortlists, we will be analysing your submissions, canvassing opinion from senior industry players and conduct in-depth discussions within the editorial team.

To inform our decision-making, we invite you to submit nominations via a dedicated form, which can be found by clicking here. Submissions are not a prerequisite and do not guarantee inclusion.

Each category will feature four shortlisted candidates, with a fifth, blank option for firms and individuals not nominated. Real Estate Capital will be back in touch to let you know where to register your votes. Polling will be open in early December and the winners will be announced next March.

This is your chance to make your case for winning a prestigious Real Estate Capital award! The deadline is Wednesday 28 November 2018. Please click on our form to submit your nomination proposals.

The categories are:

1. Bank lender of the year

2. Insurance company lender of the year

3. Senior debt fund lender of the year

4. High-yield debt fund lender of the year

5. Lender of the year in the UK and Ireland

6. Lender of the year in Germany

7. Lender of the year in France

8. Lender of the year in Southern Europe

9. Lender of the year in the Benelux

10. Lender of the year in the Nordics

11. Lender of the year in Central and Eastern Europe

12. Syndication team of the year

13. Financing deal of the year – investment

14. Financing deal of the year – development

15. Borrower finance team of the year – fund manager

16. Borrower finance team of the year – REIT

17. Debt advisor of the year in the UK and Ireland

18. Debt advisor of the year in Continental Europe

19. Loan servicer of the year

20. Loan portfolio seller of the year

21. Loan portfolio buyer of the year

22. Sustainable finance provider of the year