April 2016 Issue

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    Year: 2016

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    Editor’s letter: MIPIM passes the test as appetite remains strong

    The hunt for a reasonably priced beverage at the annual MIPIM real estate jamboree in Cannes often ends at the Caffe Roma, the well-known watering hole within easy walking (or staggering) distance of the Palais des Festivals, the Promenade de la Croisette and a row of upmarket hotels stretching from the Majestic to the Martinez along the seafront.

    ANALYSIS MIPIM 2016: Market charts voyage with confidence, despite storms

    As is the annual custom, the property world booked out the hotels of Cannes as MIPIM came to town. Real Estate Capital's editor, Andy Thomson, noted some of the main talking points.

    MIPIM 2016: Financiers remain resolute in the face of Brexit

    The future of Britain loomed large amid talk of pricing and competitive pressures. Real Estate Capital's deputy editor, Daniel Cunningham, took the temperature of the European market in Cannes.

    REC Germany Forum: Change in the air as market players take stock

    Market volatility is forcing borrowers and lenders to think carefully about how they approach the rest of this year, writes Real Estate Capital editor Andy Thomson in his second report from Frankfurt.

    UK referendum: Will a pause be followed by a bounce?

    At DLA Piper’s inaugural summit exploring the European real estate landscape, uncertainty around the UK’s EU vote was discussed. Real Estate Capital's editor, Andy Thomson, took notes.

    European bank market still trumps CMBS as spreads stay high

    Only one 2016 securitisation has been seen so far but the AAA pricing was more promising, writes Real Estate Capital consultant editor Jane Roberts in a special report on European debt capital markets.

    Unrated deals slow down in face of volatile markets

    Bespoke notes suit some investors but pricing has become challenging, reports Lauren Parr in a special report on Europe's debt capital markets.

    Bonds key to European REITs’ growth

    The debt capital markets remain a crucial source of finance for Europe’s major REITs, although smaller investors are also exploring bond options, writes Daniel Cunningham in a Real Estate Capital special report.

    PROFILE: Finding the perfect match in a crowded room

    With a greater number and broader range of lenders seeking opportunities in Europe, the choice for borrowers can be baffling. Real Estate Capital's editor, Andy Thomson, meets senior executives at Laxfield Capital to find out more about how it brings together those in need of finance with those providing it.

    Real estate crowdfunding heading for the mainstream

    Maturing online platforms are beginning to prove themselves in the debt markets as the SEC lets them tap investors that were formerly off-limits, reports Justin Slaughter.

    Lender relationships seed sustainable farm growth

    America’s oldest industry offers stable returns for dilligent underwriters, reports Al Barbarino.

    Building momentum for a UK Northern Powerhouse

    A global stronghold in the North of England would create multiple benefits, writes Royal Bank of Scotland’s Tom Sharman.

    CAPITAL WATCH: Recent lending deals Feb/March 2016

    Commercial real estate lenders were particularly active in Continental Europe during March. Dutch bank ING Real Estate Finance, which was Europe’s most prolific lender in 2015, continued its lending drive. The bank originated a €420 million loan to AEW Europe to finance the French assets within the firm’s €2 billion pan-European Logistis fund.

    CAPITAL WATCH: Investor pricing survey March 2016

    Investors’ cooling appetite for riskier assets is reflected in the latest Colliers International and Real Estate Capital Investor Pricing Survey.

    CAPITAL WATCH: Private real estate debt funds March 2016

    The latest figures compiled by our Research & Analytics division show there are 117 real estate debt funds in the market, seeking just over $48.9 billion of capital in total.