Europe’s Top 50 Lenders 2022: Don’t miss the chance to make a submission!

If you believe your organisation should be considered for a spot in our annual list of leading lenders, we want to hear from you.

The deadline for submissions for the 2022 edition of our list of Europe’s top real estate lenders is fast approaching.

To make a submission, please fill in the dedicated form, which you can find HERE, by midday, UK time, Friday 7 October.

In the winter 2022 edition of Real Estate Capital Europe, and online on 1 December, Europe’s Top 50 Lenders 2022 will be published. Since 2014, when it was launched as a run-down of the 30 most active debt providers, the list has become a bellwether of those making the greatest impact on the European real estate lending market in the year of publication. In case you missed it, here is the 2021 edition.

Compiling the list is not an exact science. It is not a ranking, with firms measured against a single metric. Rather, our editorial team considers lenders in reference to a series of criteria.

  • Although it is not purely a numbers game, lending volumes are important. We want to know the breakdown of your activity by loan type – how much was senior, mezzanine, for example, and how much was investment or development finance? We also want to know how much lending was in new deals and how much was in refinancing transactions.
  • The numbers do not tell the full story, so we want to hear about your stand-out financing deals – with enough detail to impress our editorial team. Which of your deals since 1 December 2021 moved the needle? Why should they be considered notable transactions?
  • Your progress in ESG is also important. By now, most lenders have some sort of ESG policy in place. We want to know specifics around how this was implemented – how much of your lending incorporated green or sustainability-linked factors? What did you do to innovate in sustainable financing?

For our editorial team to make the right selections for the list, we need you to provide information about your activities since 1 December 2021, when the last list was published. We hope to see submissions that make the key points, rather than contain reams of marketing information. The more key information we have at our fingertips, the more likely we are to be convinced your firm deserves a spot in the list.

We look forward to hearing from you.