Europe’s Top 40 Lenders: does your organisation deserve to make our 2019 list?

Our annual rundown of Europe’s most important commercial real estate lenders will be published in September. Now is the time to pitch for your organisation to be considered.

Each year since 2014, Real Estate Capital has published a list of what we regard as the 40 leading commercial real estate debt providers in Europe. Our list for 2019 will be published in September both online and in our autumn print edition.

The Europe’s Top 40 Lenders list captures the lenders that are most active in the markets they target. We, as an editorial team, decide who makes the cut. It is a rigorous process, which involves us trawling through our archive, speaking to key industry contracts and debating between ourselves which lenders deserve a place.

We also want to hear from you. The more information we have on your organisation’s activities since the 2018 list was published in October, the better informed we will be to consider your inclusion.

We will accept submissions by email until 12.00 BST on Friday 28 June. Please send them to with TOP 40 LENDERS in the subject line.

This is what we want to know:

• Your European real estate lending volumes for H1 2019. These should be broken down as much as possible into types of lending, such as senior, mezzanine and whole loans. The list is not compiled solely according to which organisation lent the most, but volumes – and the types of lending conducted – are important yardsticks.
• Total 2018 European lending volumes, again broken down by types of lending.
• The amount of third-party capital raised for lending since October 2018 if this is relevant to your business model.
• Your organisation’s highlights since October 2018. These might be changes in strategy, expansion into new markets, appointments of key personnel or interesting lending deals. We want to hear what your organisation has done to warrant being on our list.

Europe’s Top 40 Lenders is an important gauge of who is providing liquidity to the continent’s property markets. For borrowers, it provides information on key sources of debt. For lenders, it provides a rundown of the competition and potential funding partners. And for advisors, it is a guide to the most active debt players.

We want our list to best reflect the current real estate debt playing field, and to do so, we need input from you, the lending community.

We look forward to hearing from you.