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Top 40 European Lenders

Top 40 European lenders

Despite challenging market conditions, a diverse array of organisations continues to provide finance to the European property sector. Real Estate Capital’s roll call of the most active lenders in European property finance today once again demonstrates the weight of capital available in the market.

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Barclays issues and retains £2.43bn UK CMBS

Barclays has securitised £2.43 billion of granular UK property loans to free up capital, with £1.82 billion rated triple AAA.

Barclays declined to comment on the deal, Griffon Funding, but it is understood the issue is for treasury management purposes and will be substantially held by the bank rather than sold in the market.

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Hibernia secures €400m at 2% from Irish syndicate

Irish REIT Hibernia has agreed a £400m revolving credit facility at close to 2% cost with three banks.

Bank of Ireland, Ulster Bank and Barclays are participating in the loan which Hibernia will use to replace an existing €100m RCF, to fund projects and make new acquisitions.

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