REC Awards 2017: Time to make your case

Voting for this year’s awards will open in early December, so now is the time to tell us your achievements.

It’s that time again; Real Estate Capital’s editorial team is beginning the painstaking process of compiling shortlists for our fourth annual awards, and we want to hear from you.

The awards are the most prestigious and comprehensive in the European real estate finance industry and are totally independent. There is no sponsorship, no panel of judges – the winners are voted for entirely by the industry, truly reflecting the esteem in which they are held by their peers.

It has been an interesting year in European real estate finance – a time when lenders have had to work hard to succeed in their strategies. Will the big winners from 2016 repeat their success? Will ING Real Estate Finance, which won four accolades in 2016 including the top bank lender award, once again prove its mettle? Will 2017 be a winning year for Wells Fargo, which scooped two awards last year including lender of the year in the UK? You, the voters, will decide.

This time, 20 categories are up for grabs, each covering Europe, aside from six country- and region-specific awards.

Voting will open in early December. But before that can happen, shortlists must be compiled. The process through which we determine our nominees is rigorous and fair. It involves poring over research, canvassing opinion from senior figures within the industry, and in-depth discussions within the editorial team, after which impartial shortlists are constructed.

To inform our decision-making, we invite you to submit nomination suggestions via a dedicated form, which can be found by clicking here. Submissions are not a prerequisite, nor do they guarantee inclusion.

They do, however, give you the opportunity to make the case for your nominations. Use the form to tell us in which category or categories you believe your nominated firm should be included, and why. The more evidence, the better.

Suggestions will be accepted until the close of business on Tuesday 21 November, after which the form will be closed and nominations will be determined.

Each category will feature four shortlisted candidates, with a fifth, blank option for firms and individuals not nominated. Real Estate Capital will be back in touch to tell you where to register your votes. The winners will be announced next March.

So, now is the time to have your say and argue why your organisation is deserving of a prestigious Real Estate Capital award! Please click on our dedicated form to submit your nomination proposals.


Bank lender of the year

Insurance company lender of the year

Senior debt fund lender of the year

High-yield debt fund lender of the year

Lender of the year in the UK and Ireland

Lender of the year in Germany

Lender of the year in France

Lender of the year in southern Europe

Lender of the year in the Nordics

Lender of the year in central and eastern Europe

Financing deal of the year – investment

Financing deal of the year – development

Syndication team of the year

Borrower finance team of the year – fund manager

Borrower finance team of the year – REIT

Debt advisor of the year

Loan servicer of the year

Loan portfolio seller of the year

Loan portfolio buyer of the year

Loan portfolio advisor of the year