Top 40 European lenders

Despite challenging market conditions, a diverse array of organisations continues to provide finance to the European property sector. Real Estate Capital’s roll call of the most active lenders in European property finance today once again demonstrates the weight of capital available in the market. Daniel Cunningham, Lauren Parr, Jane Roberts and Doug Morrison report

For the third year running, Real Estate Capital welcomes you to our rundown of the most active real estate lenders in Europe today.

The last 12 months have been challenging for the organisations profiled in these pages. For many, 2015 was a record year of lending. However, the headwinds detected in the latter part of the year led to an uncertain 2016. To feature in this roster, debt providers continued to write loans despite the testing conditions in the wider European property markets.

The report highlights, again, the diversity in the provision of real estate debt in Europe. From clearers and pfandbrief banks providing senior finance, to investment banks hunting value-add deals, insurers offering long-dated money and private debt funds plugging the gaps, borrowers benefit from a wide variety of debt sources.

Given the sheer number of players in the market today, this list is not exhaustive. Nor is it an attempt to rank lenders. Rather, the Top 40 European Lenders is Real Estate Capital’s take on the most visibly active lenders who stood out in their market niches during the last 12 months.

We recognise that the European real estate finance landscape is continually shifting. At the end of this report, we have provided a flavour of the emerging lenders which could eventually feature in future editions of this compilation.

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