March 2018 Issue

    Debt fund data: Funds in market

    The latest figures compiled by our data team show there are 29 Europe-focused debt funds with known targets above €100 million currently fundraising.

    HSBC’s Polish deal stands out in early 2018 business

    Real Estate Capital’s data on the latest UK and continental European real estate lending deals.

    Lenders’ guide to Europe, part 4: Southern Europe recovers

    In the last of our four-part series, we examine what Southern Europe has to offer lenders.

    Lenders’ guide to Europe, part 3: Germany is a squeeze for lenders

    In the third of our four-part examination of Europe's lending opportunities, the German, Central and Eastern European and Nordic markets are under the microscope.

    Lenders’ guide to Europe, part 2: The Macron effect lifts France

    In the second installment of our guide to Europe's lending markets, Lauren Parr examines the French and Dutch opportunities.

    The merits of the mid-market

    There are still pockets of opportunity in this late stage of the cycle – and direct lending in the middle market is one of the most attractive, writes Clark Coffee, head of Tyndaris Real Estate.

    Lenders’ guide to Europe, part 1: The UK remains robust

    As property lenders increase their geographic scope across Europe, Real Estate Capital examines the opportunities and risks presented by the continent's markets.

    Interview: ING’s global view

    ING is leveraging its international client base to grow in target markets, explains real estate finance boss Michael Shields.

    Lender’s guide to Europe: Opportunities and threats

    Sentiment towards the continent has improved, but real estate investors and lenders should proceed with caution.

    Interview: LBBW’s new property lending boss

    Patrick Walcher has taken the helm at LBBW’s restructured property lending business. Daniel Cunningham talks to him about his plans.

    Lender competition will intensify in 2018

    With a wider variety of capital sources and more financeable geographies and sectors across the continent, Europe will continue to be a battlefield for property lenders, argues CBRE's Marco Rampin.

    Presidents Club: A stain on the industry

    The real estate sector’s condemnation of ‘the most un-PC event of the year’ has been swift. Now all eyes are on how it will act. The first test is MIPIM.

    Why Blackstone took the agency CMBS route for its Italian refi

    The private equity giant enlisted Deutsche Bank to arrange a securitisation of four retail properties in Italy.

    Scarcity of big deals frustrates syndication bankers

    The volume of syndicated real estate loans dropped by 15% in 2017 as fewer transactions required multiple lenders.

    Treat European growth with caution

    The eurozone is rebounding and property markets look resolute, but lenders should not be complacent.

    Housing an aging, wealthy population

    By 2066, one in four people in the UK will be aged 65 and over, according to the Office for National Statistics. Housing this rapidly aging population has been recognised as an important social issue, leading property investors and lenders into the retirement accommodation market.

    BNP Paribas AM hits first close on €1bn debt fund – Exclusive

    The French asset manager, which is closing in on its first lending deals, will write senior loans on core, core-plus and value-add properties across continental Europe.

    We need to talk about the Presidents Club

    The property industry, including the lending community, must respond to the harassment scandal.

    Spain to drive 2018 NPL sales, says Evercore

    ‘Mega-deals’ in the Spanish market during 2017 could encourage other banks to put portfolios on the block, says the investment banking firm.

    Poland is proving resilient

    Its populist government is a cause for concern, but real estate market fundamentals make the country worthy of consideration.