They said it

“It’s amazing how few of you are prepared to venture outside London…“It is a brilliant time to  be lending. Everybody says: ‘London will power on. It will remain the financial capital of the world.’ “One French bank told me that it regarded London as a proxy for world GDP. Good on the French!”

William Newsom, speaking to an audience of property bankers on 8 June at Savills’ annual Financing Property presentation in London

“These results are apparently contradictory. There is a bit of human nature in there, in the optimism about their own businesses against a background of wider uncertainty. I’m taking it as a positive.”

William Newsom at the same event, this time commenting  on how bankers answered his question: Do you feel more or less confident than a year ago? In reply, 74% said they were confident about their own business, but 67% felt negative about the wider market.

“I very much hope that the  banks will not repeat the mistakes of the past. This has happened before. We should consider creating a memorial to those  who have ‘died’!”

The response of Max Sinclair, London head of Eurohypo, when asked by Newsom for his five-year view for the Financing Property presentation.

“There is no healthcare REIT  in the UK for secondary or elderly care, even though this  is a big sector in countries such as the UK. “Even after the recent travails of Southern Cross, we think – and so do our investors – that the sale-and-leaseback model is very attractive in that sector.”

Harry Hyman, chairman of Nexus Healthcare and Primary Health Properties, in a Financial Times article on 19 June, discussing the launch next month of hospital and care home company Healthcare Reit. The company has already raised £40m of seed capital from institutional investors including Schroders.