December 2018/January 2019 Issue

    Month: December
    Year: 2018

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    How equity investors measure the financials behind sustainability

    Across the world, real estate owners have made progress in making their portfolios sustainable. However, quantifying the impact of green practices on real estate investments remains difficult.

    GRESB interview: How lenders can benchmark sustainability

    Providers of property debt can benefit from progress in ESG data and benchmarking provision, argues GRESB’s Josien Piek.

    What ESG means for real estate finance

    Effectively one step removed from real estate assets, lenders have not been at the forefront of the industry’s sustainability commitments. However, recent sustainable financing initiatives suggest times may be changing.

    Why Barings is targeting external investors

    As Barings Real Estate moves to expand its European lending activities, it plans to raise capital from outside its parent company’s resources.

    Deutsche and SocGén bolster 2018’s European CMBS revival

    The two banks have issued the first post-crisis transaction with significant French real estate exposure.

    Lenders: ESG applies to you, too

    While real estate debt providers have made less progress than their equity counterparts to incorporate environmental, social and governance considerations into their strategies, some lenders have shown how it can be done.

    AXA IM’s US acquisition expands its debt playing field

    Through its purchase of a debt business from Quadrant, the French giant has gained access to a greater set of lending opportunities, and the ability to be more selective.

    LaSalle wants to replicate European credit plays in America following Latitude buy

    The Chicago-based investment firm has had an active European real estate debt business since 2010.

    Spain is back in business

    The debt tap to finance Spanish real estate is on. New players have entered the fray and competition to fund the right assets is growing stronger.

    ‘Air of caution’ as industry braces for late-cycle downside risk

    While the prevailing view is that real estate retains its appeal over other asset classes, the annual Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe forecast, published by PwC and the Urban Land Institute, shows investors adapting to the challenges of a ‘tough’ market.

    A year after the Catalan crisis, Barcelona is back in favour

    Political tensions between Catalonia and Spain’s central government have not disappeared, but an upturn in investment activity in the region suggests it is back on the map for investors and lenders.